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Payments continue to grow at extraordinary pace

There is no doubt that 2020 will be looked back on as the watershed year of payments, and in particular, the Asia Pacific region. Aside from innovations and the meteoric emergence of digital currencies, the story was very much a focus on e-commerce/digital payments. Some markets experiencing a 277% increase in online payments.

It was the year also that saw the introduction of the G20 Crossborder payments roadmap. A four year initiative to set about to improve crossborder payments across 19 pillars. EPA globally has teamed up with IIF (Institute of International Finance) to provide a collaboration forum for the private sector. The first forum was held in March. Now as we look forward to the next event on May 11, Tara Rice, Director General of FSB/CPMI will lead the meeting presentation to collaborate around development and project milestones. 

This is a world still struggling to open up after COVID-19 global pandemic.  We are very excited to host our first in person event of 2021, at Sydney May 6, where we explore “Is Payments bigger than Banking?”. As always for our events we turn to the experts for collaboration. Thank you Mambu for making this event possible and Grant Thornton for hosting us.

As we focus on where to from here, we see that Danielle Szetho completed her two year chairperson tenure on the founding Advisory Board of EPAA, and is now replaced by Steven Chan of PayPal. Danielle will continue on the advisory board, as will Andy White as deputy chairperson. Steven will provide an address in the next newsletter. Nigel Lee has also joined the Advisory Board where he is guiding the initiatives to regionally connect with Fintech payment firms. 

So, as we close on Q1, and start Q2 for 2021 we continue to see green shoots growing in many areas.  There is no doubt that technology innovation, and regulations will play a key role in how we progress from here, as payments continue to grow at extraordinary pace.

Future Events

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Meet Her - Rewards and Loyalty Schemes




EPA @Home with Mambu

In Person



Round Table - Is payments BIGGER than Banking 




Round Table - What is holding corporates bank from embracing real-time payments




IFF - EPA Global Payments Forum




EPA Fuse - 10 minutes Ted like talk presentation with Annabelle Huang


Is PAYMENTS Bigger Than Banking?


What is EPA @Home?

An @Home event is an in-person networking event that consists of a panel fireside chat, followed by Q&A and then catered cocktails to facilitate mingling and discussion. 

EPA @Home events are available for sponsorship. 

These sessions are open to members and guests and normally have a capacity of 80+ attendees. 

Frequently, an @Home event is held in conjunction with a roundtable.  

A roundtable is an invitation only event that brings together a guest list that represents the full value chain of payments to facilitate interactive discussion aimed at developing strategic platforms to initiate, enhance and progress the emerging payments ecosystem. The aim is to discuss challenges, opportunities and solutions. 

Roundtables are available for sponsorship and these sessions are by invitation only and have a capacity of 15 - 20 attendees. 

Past Events

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Regulation - APAC – Horizon Scanning 

Hot Topic Briefing



IIF – EPA Global Payments Forum  

EPA Forum



Open Banking - Proof of Concept in partnership with APFF and APIX 




FUSE Rene Michau – Bitcoin, bitcoin everywhere


     Quote of the Month

In a world where online and digital collaboration is increasingly the norm EPA Asia projects are continuing to align more with the trends. Monthly working meetings are being held on the 3 operational projects, as follows :

  • Project Cross-Border APAC : second Wednesday every month
  • Project Digital Identity APAC : third Wednesday every month
  • Project Regulations APAC: fourth Wednesday every month
  • Special project - Meet-Her: This is arranged around the workshop events and is run on selected dates each month.  

Information available 


To join the EPAA Project Working Group



Working Group Members are:

  • Dr Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Zennon Kapron (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Antony Morris (EPAA Ambassador)
  • John Byrne (Corlytics)
  • Mike O’Keefe (Corlytics)
  • Sean Peterson (AMEX)
  • Simone Joyce (FinTech Australia)
  • Steven Chan (PayPal)
  • Amrita Nair (PayPal)
  • Anurag Vasisth (ABP Australia)
  • Thomas Hind (DXC Technology)
  • Sarah Wood (AMEX)
  • Laura Hu (eBay)
  • Mailu Mizumoto (eBay)
  • Holly Dorber (PayPal)
  • Abraham Teo (AxiomSL)
  • Dom Braun (E6)
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

For more information regarding EPAA Project Regulations



Project Cross-Border Update

Three key focus areas: 

  • Next IIF-EPA Global Payments Forum meeting will be held on 11 May 2021. Please contact Camilla Bullock by email to register for this meeting.  
  • Asian Bank Leaders meeting is being prepared by a sub-working group. More details to follow.
  • The regional fintech forum is earmarked for a July meeting where regional fintechs will use the Airmeet platform to bring together problems and solutions in the payments space in the Asean region.  

Working Group Members are: 
  • Fannette Hsin (EPAA Ambassador/Project Director)
  • Amrita V Nair (PayPal – Project Sponsor)
  • Dr. Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Melissa Keir (Marqeta)
  • Kenneth Leung (SWIFT)
  • Laura Hu (EBAY)
  • Mishal Ruparel (Banking Circle)
  • Thomas Hind (DXC Technology) 
  • Steven Chan (PayPal)
  • Tom Alaerts (Swift)
  • Stephen Peters (FIS)
  • Lance Homer (Equinix)
  • Todd Latham (CurrencyCloud)
  • Mailu Mizumoto(EBAY)
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

For more information regarding EPAA Project Cross-Border Payments


  • To date we have run 10 roundtables with over 100 female thought leaders. 
  • The next round table is taking place on 5 May on the topic of Rewards and Loyalty.  
  • U.S can be regarded as a leader in loyalty with more than 3.3 billion loyalty memberships. (Accenture) We are delighted to welcome California based Jill Gordon to set the scene for this discussion.
    • Rewards and Loyalty Schemes 5 May 
    • Presenter: Jill Goldworn Founder The First Club reward the world 
    • Moderator: Leanne Bradley EPA Asia Ambassador, Advisory Board 

Upcoming topics with associated round tables are: 

  • Blockchain 
  • Financial Inclusion

For more information regarding EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments

To join the EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments 




  • The POC was conducted March 19,  in partnership with MAS backed APIX, and run in conjunction with APFF (Asia Pacific Financial Forum), focus on standardisation of APIs
  • Jennifer Harrison discusses the POC.  
  • Follow-up POC event to be planned with APEC regulatory group.

For more information regarding EPAA Project Open Banking



  • Workshop event held on 3 March 2021 
  • White Paper is planned for release May 2021
Working Group Members are: 

  • Rajiv Madane (Project Director, Covr Security)
  • Victoria Richardson (Project Mentor, AusPayNet)
  • Richard Lomas (Citi)
  • CK Leo (FICO)
  • Ian Sorbello  (Transmit Security) 
  • Rob Allen(eftpos Payments Australia)
  • Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay)
  • Mailu Mizumoto (EBay)
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

For more information regarding EPAA Project Digital Identity

To join the EPAA Project Working Group

Ambassador of the Year 2021

An Emerging Payments Association Asia Payment Ambassador is a member of EPA Asia with a select regional group. These experts take the time to meet each month, and collaborate around the raising the standard around the all aspects of regional payments. But being an ambassador means a lot more too.

This was the first year that EPA Asia has awarded the title of Payment Ambassador of the year to Antony Morris. The Payment Ambassadors Group work with EPA Asia in true dedicated industry professionals, always striving to collaborate in a more meaningful way. Sharing and introducing, through to Advocacy.

All of the 9 EPA Asia ambassadors were eligible for this award and as Camilla Bullock, Director General Community, said "all ambassador have won today". Listen to the video as Antony speaks about what it means to be an Ambassador of EPA Asia.

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