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Digital Identity and CBDC’s

The discussion about Digital Identity pre-2020 was quite a different discussion than it is today. Pre- 2020 there was a lot of talk about Digital Identity, pondering and considering what the world would like when Digital Identity might be implemented. 

Skip forward to 2021 and Digital Identity is on a trend to being pervasive.  The critical aspect seems to be the strengthening of the human to mobile interface.  Citizens are much more comfortable to connect their identification documents on their mobile device, whether that is medical cards or a drivers licence.  The trade off is that customers share their confidential data in return for a frictionless service. 

We look forward to launching the EPA Asia Digital Identity whitepaper at our workshop event on November, where we will hear from the project working group, led by Rajiv Madane (see Rajiv article below). 

This very topic was also discussed at the IIF-EPA Global Payments Forum workshop on Oct 27, when we heard from Rajiv, and also Elizabeth Garber, Santander, who co-authored the GAIN Digital Identity Whitepaper. 


Digital currencies are rising as the topic of conversation, and for all sorts of reasons.  But, one topic that is at the leading edge is CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currencies. 

This is an emerging topic of interest, as governments around the world look to grapple with this topic. Some people refer to CBDC as the government backed version of new digital cash. 

  • So what exactly is CBDC? 

  • Which countries are likely to adopt? 

  • What models will be adopted? 

  • What will be impacts be for domestic and international economies? 

Two regions that are bringing more focus on these are Hong Kong and New Zealand, and they have recently released some discussion papers.  New Zealand is asking broad questions, whereas Hong Kong is focus on the technical architecture details, so interesting reading.  EPA Asia Regulatory Working Group is planning to make submissions (due in December 2021) to represent the voice of payments in Asia.  

What is your voice going to be in this key industry discussion? Do you want to be a part of the regional industry submission? 

This an opportunity to do policy advocacy work with industry leading experts, from across the EPA network, to educate, collaborate and form the unified industry voice. 

Digital Identity 

As the world moves to a post-pandemic environment, identification of individuals has become a major focus area for access to basic services within an economy as well as international travel.  

Across the world, digital identity has emerged as the key mechanism of identifying individuals when it comes to contactless verification.  Countries that adopted Digital Identity for verification had smooth cutover from physical to remote access verification when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded.  Those who did not, have realised the importance of Digital Identity and are now starting initiatives to introduce it to entire populations. 

The EPA Digital Identity Whitepaper, scheduled to be launched soon, outlines the experiences of countries who were early adopters of Digital Identity and how we can use some of those models for introducing Digital Identity in countries embarking on new Digital Identity initiatives.  It draws on extensive research already conducted by many institutions including the World Bank, central banks like Monetary Authority of Singapore and global associations like GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identification Foundation). 

The whitepaper evaluates the Digital Identity eco-systems and provides an operational framework that can be adopted by governments and stakeholders involved in rolling out National Digital Identity Programs.  The document describes existing Digital Identity systems deployed in various countries based on centralised, federated and decentralised models.  It compares various characteristics of such systems and outlines key components for adoption of Digital Identity programs in a country.  Since digital identification is necessary both for an individual as well as a business, this document describes the elements required for both individual as well as business/corporate digital identity. 

Once countries rollout Digital Identity systems across the population, providing cross border services using these digital identities becomes much easier to manage.  E.g. instant cross-border payments can be enabled as long as both countries are on digital identity eco-systems.  E.g. includes Singapore and Thailand instant payments and the soon to launch Singapore and India instant payments network. 

The EPA Digital Identity whitepaper outlines a framework for national digital identity programs and provides a starting point for rolling out cross-border digital identity solutions to enable access to cross-border services. 


Rajiv Madane 

Cofounder and CEO 

DigiCal Consultancy Services 

EPAA Ambassador 

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Clubhouse Session



Working Group Members are:

  • Dr Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Zennon Kapron (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Antony Morris (EPAA Ambassador)
  • John Byrne (Corlytics)
  • Mike O’Keefe (Corlytics)
  • Sean Peterson (AMEX)
  • Simone Joyce (Paypa Plane) 
  • Steven Chan (PayPal)
  • Amrita Nair (PayPal)
  • Anurag Vasisth (ABP Australia)
  • Sarah Wood (AMEX)
  • Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay)
  • Laura Hu (eBay)
  • Mailu Mizumoto (eBay)
  • Holly Dorber (PayPal)
  • Dary Griggs (E6) 
  • David Brown (Finastra)
  • Katie Mitchell (Nium) 
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)
  • Tara Tubman (BPC) 

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  • The 4th IIF-EPA Global Payments Forum was held on 8 September.  A glance into the future: Central Bank Digital Currencies and Cross Border Payments. Will the development of CBDC infrastructure support the next wave of improvements in cross border payments or will it crowd out private innovation? This 60 minute workshop with Morten Bech was a short presentation on the work of the BIS Innovation Hub globally on CBDCs, followed by a round table discussion. Click Here 
  • The 5th IIF – EPA Globally Payments Forum was held on 27 October, focusing on Digital Identity.  The discussion was on "How Digital Identity is assisting in the last mile of Cross-border payments".  
  • Transparency in Banking Payments Workshop is WIP. 
  • The APAC Fintech Payments Forum was held on 4 August. Nigel Lee moderated a robust opening session, followed by breakout rooms where a number of relevant topics were discussed. A short report is being developed.   

Working Group Members are: 
  • Fannette Hsin (EPAA Ambassador/Project Director)
  • Amrita V Nair (PayPal – Project Sponsor)
  • Dr. Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador)
  • Melissa Keir (Marqeta)
  • Kenneth Leung (SWIFT)
  • Laura Hu (EBAY)
  • Mishal Ruparel (Banking Circle)
  • Steven Chan (PayPal)
  • Tom Alaerts (Swift)    
  • Stephen Peters (FIS)
  • Katie Mitchell (Nium)
  • Todd Latham (CurrencyCloud)
  • Mailu Mizumoto(EBAY)
  • David Brown (Finastra)
  • Tara Tubman ( BPC)
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

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  • The final event in the series will be on Cybersecurity where Michelle Chance, Global Head of Cyber Security for PayPal, will be presenting on 17 November.
  • Michelle Chance | LinkedIn      

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  • A number of bilateral and group discussions have been held in the recent months, and alongside with regional regulators, the Project Open Data will be created over the coming months. 
  • Meeting Planned for October with regional regulators 
  • WhatsApp group has been setup  

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  • A series of events are now planned for the launch of the DI White Paper in October. More details to follow. 

Working Group Members are: 

  • Rajiv Madane (Project Director, Covr Security)
  • Victoria Richardson (Project Mentor, AusPayNet)
  • Richard Lomas (Citi)
  • CK Leo (FICO)
  • Ian Sorbello  (Transmit Security) 
  • Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay) 
  • Rob Allen(eftpos Payments Australia)
  • Mailu Mizumoto (EBay)
  • Sherman Lin (Ekata
  • Jocelyn Poh ( Ekata)
  • John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

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