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                                                                                         March 2022

EPA Asia Tackles Central Bank Digital Currencies 


Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the topic of Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs.   


What are CBDCs?  In simplest terms,  a CBDC is when a central bank (or similar government agency) issues a digital currency.  By being “central bank money”, it can have some of the features of cash, such as being legal tender and removing some of the risks and friction associated with commercial money held in a bank account. Under this broad definition, there remains significant diversity around how a CBDC could be delivered, though most discussions center around the use of distributed ledger technology - the same technology which underpins so-called “crypto-currencies”.   Read more

Dr Brad Pragnell 

EPA Asia Ambassador 

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8th Global Payments Forum Focus AML/CFT 





AI & Payments - Anna Maj

Round Table




EPA @ Home Networking Event + Fireside Chat Reimagine Payments

Round Table




The Future of Merchant Acquiring

Round Table




The Future of Account to Account Payments

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Cybersecurity & Mobile Apps 

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Finastra Thought Leadership

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Payments Cyberbitz by Sorin Toma 

  •   European Union passed the Digital Markets Act (DMA) less than 8 hours ago. The DMA restricts gatekeepers from requiring business users of their core platform services to make use of their payment services apps. (National Law Review, Vol XII, Number 89, Mar 30, 2022).

  •  Consumers are worried about digital banking security. A survey of 1350 consumers who made or received digital payments in the past 12 months found that 88% of respondents prefer to do their banking online in some form. Nearly all respondents (90%) reported being concerned about becoming a victim of banking or credit fraud. (Infosecurity Magazine, Sarah Cole, Mar 9, 2022).

  •  Collaborative cyber security prevents business payment fraud. Payment fraud is a rapidly growing problem in Australia, with cybercriminals stealing business credentials and tricking creditors into misdirecting their bill payments. (Australian Financial Review, Christopher Niesche, Mar 21, 2022). Read more

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The Future of Clearing in a World of CBDC and Real Time Payments 

Hot Topic Briefing



Mumbai Roundtable 2022 

Round Table



Hot Topic Briefing: Outlook of the Year 2022 

Hot Topic Briefing



Open Data Workshop - Introduction

Hot Topic Briefing 


Open Data:  Current

Open Data:  Regulations

Open Data : Innovations 

Open Data :  Solutions



APAC Fintech Payments Forum




7th IIF - EPA Global Payments Forum




Russia Ukraine Crisis

Hot Topic Briefing




  • We are using a Payments Tracker for regulatory risk intelligence and to horizon scan upcoming regulation impacting the APAC payments industry. EPAA members are being provided access to review.  

  • Corlytics Regulation Tracker Demo Video - (email for login access) 

  • Regulatory reach out program connected with RBA (Cross-Border Forum) and APEC finance and economic ministers (Open Banking POC) 

  • Monica Jasuja presented at the November Working Group meeting with a Regulatory Update on India. Report 

  • The Regulation Working Group is discussing submissions to HKMA on crypto-assets and stablecoins and to the Federal Reserve on CBDC’s. 

  • The Regulation Working Group is preparing an EPAA Position Paper on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) which will be made available soon. 

  • The EPAA presented to Australian Treasury on the Payments Stategic Plan on Tuesday 29 March.  Advocacy Letter to Treasury  

  • Consultation to Treasury on Payments Strategy 

Working Group Members are: 

Brad Pragnell (Ambassador) 

Zennon Kapron (Ambassador) 

Antony Morris (Ambassador) 

Sean Peterson (Amex) 

Simone Joyce (PaypaPlane) 

Holly Dorber (PayPal) 

John Byrne (Corlytics) 

Mike O'Keeffe (Corlytics) 

Anurag Vasisth (Ambassador) 

Steven Chan (PayPal) 

Amrita V Nair (PayPal) 

Sarah Wood (Amex) 

Mailu Mizumoto (eBay) 

David Brown (Finastra) 

Desmond Lim Ching Hau (eBay) 

Richard Lomas (citi) 

Daryn Griggs (episode 6) 

Nilixa Devlukia (Ambassador) 

Alex Konashevych (Baxe) 

Aaron Soh (Novatti) 

Ben Tabell (eftpos) 

Katie Michell (Nium) 

Shu Min Cheong (Nium) 

Carrie Suen (Ant Group) 

Adam Caines (EY) 

May Lam (EY) 

Tara Tubman (BPC) 

Jocelyn Poh (Ekata) 

Elaine Mullan (Corlytics) 

Yinfan Zhang (Ant Group) 

Ben Bowden (CurrencyCloud) 

Nikesh Lalchandani (Director of Policy, EPAA) 

For more information regarding EPAA Project Regulations 

To join the EPAA Project Regulations Working Group 






  • The 8th meeting of the Global Payments Forum will be held on 26 April 2022 . The focus of that meeting will be AML/CFT, and we will hear from Ashish Kumar of the Financial Action Task Force Secretariat and invited lead discussants, ahead of a plenary discussion. The time of that virtual meeting will be 8 am NYC / 1 pm London / 2 pm Zurich / 8 pm Singapore / 9 pm Tokyo / 10 pm Sydney. To register in advance for the 8th meeting please use this link

  • The 7th Global Payments Forum was held on 1 March 2022. The theme was: Faster Cross-Border Payments - Where do we need the speed? Is RTGS 24/7 the answer? Briefing Note 

  • The 6th IIF-EPA  Global Payments Forum was held on Thursday, December 9th. The meeting focused on cloud in cross-border payments. It reflected on how cloud and cloud-enabled technologies can assist in solving for the challenges of cross-border payments, including by catering to financial inclusion and SME support imperatives. Briefing Note 


  • The 2nd Forum was held on 22 Feb 2022 and focused on “The Different Dimensions of Access to Licensing & Regulation, Banking, Infrastructure (Payment Rails &Real Time Payments), and Customers (Data & Channels to Market)”. Summary Report Here 

  • The  first APAC Fintech Payments Forum was held on 4 August 2021. Nigel Lee moderated a robust opening session, followed by breakout rooms where a number of relevant topics were discussed. Summary report here.  


  • GUEST SPEAKER: Pedro Mullor from Swift presented at the Cross-Border Working Group Meeting on 9 February at 17:00 (AEST). SwiftGo Presentation  

Working Group Members are:

Fannette Hsin (EPAA Ambassador/Project Director) 

Amrita V Nair (PayPal – Project Sponsor) 

Dr. Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador) 

Melissa Keir (Marqeta) 

Kenneth Leung (SWIFT) 

Laura Hu (EBAY) 

Mishal Ruparel (Banking Circle) 

Steven Chan (PayPal) 

Tom Alaerts (Swift) 

Stephen Peters (FIS) 

Katie Mitchell (Nium) 

Ben Bowden(CurrencyCloud) 

Mailu Mizumoto(EBAY)

Mailu Mizumoto(EBAY) 

David Brown (Finastra) 

Tara Tubman (BPC) 

Shu Min Cheong (Nium) 

Alex Konashevych (Baxe) 

Peter Agnew (Novatti) 

Ben Tabell (eftpos) 

Lucky Bimolaksono (Amex) 

Adam Caines (EY) 

May Lam (EY) 

Julie Bolan (Swift) 

Carrie Suen (Ant Group) 

Nikesh Lalchandani (Director of Policy, EPAA) 

For more information regarding EPAA Project Cross Border Payments 

To join the EPAA Project Cross Border Payments 



  • Tessa Wijaya Co-Founder and COO Xendit Indonesia set the scene for the March round table on the topic of client onboarding. 

  • Upcoming round table on AI and Payments 26 April with Anna Maj, Senior Advisor at Truffle Capital 


For more information regarding EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments 

To join the EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments




  • EPAA hosted an Open Data Workshop in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Financial Forum and ASEAN Bankers Association on 14 February. This workshop, brought together the full value chain related to Open Data and payments in APAC to discuss how to progress Open Data in the region to benefit all stakeholders and to strengthen the industry. 

  • The findings from the workshop were presented at the  ABAC Meeting on 17 Feb. Open Data ABAC Presentation 

  • Deliverables for this working group are aimed at APEC 2022. 

We are ready to launch the new Open Data project in 2022.  This project has an ambitious target to influence the Finance and Economic ministers of APEC, in Thailand, November 2022. 

EPAA is hosting an Open Data Workshop in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Financial Forum and ASEAN Bankers Association on 14 February. In this workshop, we are bringing together the full value chain related to Open Data and payments in APAC to discuss how to progress Open Data in the region to benefit all stakeholders and to strengthen the industry. EPAA will present the learnings from the workshop to ABAC on 17 Feb. 


The key to success on this project will be: 

  • Industry collaboration with global fintechs, via the APAC Fintech Payments Forum. 

  • Industry partnership with APEC, ABAC, and ASEAN Bankers Association. 

  • Industry workshop at ABAC #1, (the first in person workshop for ABAC & EPA in 2 years) 

  • Hot Topic Briefing  

  • Monthly Working Group to discuss and plan 

  • APEC workshop in Thailand in Q4 2022. 


The EPA Director General Policy will be joined by Nilixa Devlukia, ex UK regulator, and open data & digital currency expert. 


The time commitment required will be monthly meetings during 2022, which may be dialled up as required. 


The benefits of this a project: 

  • Helping to move forward a better environment and solution for open data in APAC. 

  • Getting access to regional regulators. 

  • Collaboration with industry peers and fintech firms. 

  • Part-taking in the industry events and building profile

For more information regarding EPAA Project Open Data 

To join the EPAA Project Open Data 

To learn what is involved when sponsoring this project please email 





Working Group Members are:  

Rajiv Madane (Project Director, DigiCal Consultancy) 

Richard Lomas (Citi) 

CK Leo (FICO) 

Ian Sorbello  (Transmit Security)  

Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay) 

Mailu Mizumoto (EBay) 

Sherman Lin (Ekata) 

Jocelyn Poh (Ekata) 

Nikesh Lalchandani (Director of Policy, EPAA)

For more information regarding EPAA Project Digital Identity 

To join the EPAA Project Project Digital Identity   


Members News

Akamai Recognized as a 2022 Gartner Peer Insights™  Customers’ Choice for Web Application and API Protection


Marqeta CEO, Jason Gardner, named one of the Top Financial Technology CEOs


Marqeta and Citi Commercial Cards Announce New Partnership to Power Global Mobile Wallets Offering


Finastra and Union of Arab Banks to accelerate digital banking together


Finastra featured in the Federal Reserve’s new FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase



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Russia Ukraine Crisis
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