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                                                                                                                 November 2021
Payments in 2021

We talk about the rise of payments during and post the pandemic, and in particular digital payments.  This increase in payment transactions has attributed more value to the segment, and this has been good for incumbent firms who accessed funding from the capital markets.  This has also resulted in many new entrants, along with new business models. 


Alongside the new activity there was also the consequence of regulations, and the regulators have been busy with writing new regulations and also enforcement.  Payment regulations are now being drafted and updated across APAC to account for the many developments in payments.  The changes in the industry are so great that it is becoming harder to keep track with the updates and also with what is key to focus on. 


EPA Asia has also had another busy year, running more events that ever, and generally being more engaged with the payments community.  We celebrate the wins.  


EPA completed 5 submissions to regional regulators.  The regulatory group also completed evaluating Corlytics ‘Payment Regulations Tracker’.  We had market updates from Japan, China and India. 


The Cross-Border payments group had the most expansion in 2021, seeing 3 projects come to live during the year within the group.  The leading initiative has been the 6 Global Payments Forum events, on themes from the G20 Roadmap through to Payments in the cloud.  The inaugural Asia Fintech Payments Forum was also held where 9 regional fintech associations assembled.  And finally further discussions were held about the planning on the Transparency in Payments workshops, planned for 2022. 


The Digital Identity working group has delivered the White Paper on “Digital Identity Framework in APAC”. 


And, as we look forward to 2022, and some would say potentially into the metaverse, we will continue to focus on payments in their various forms. 

1.       The AFPF will be moving forward in 2022 with further collaboration with regional fintechs, who are considering APAC payments. 

2.       The Cross-Border working group will be overseeing the trends in cross-border payment improvements, and the work that continues with the Global Payments Forum. 

3.       Open Data will come into focus as a theme which looks to explore how fintechs will work better with incumbent data providers. 

4.       Regulatory working group will be focusing on the regulatory priority list, as well as building on the submissions from 2021. 


And now the question for you is how do you want to get involved? What will your new year's resolutions in payments look like? 

We still have a few more meetings and events before the new year is here, but if   we don't have the chance to see you before the holidays, we wish you all the best and we are looking forward to meeting in 2022, which we know will be an amazing  year for payments! 

I want to be involved

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Future Events

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DLT and Payments 

Hot Topic Briefing 




Embedded Finance

Hot Topic Briefing




CBDC and Real Time Payments





Outlook for the Year 2020

Hot Topic Briefing




ABAC Workshop in Singapore


Quote of the Month with Sorin Toma, November 2021


Hot Topic Briefings (HTB) are presented as a panel discussion, hosted by EPAA, that brings together international thought leadership around emerging issues. These webinars bring together market experts to debate on a topic lead by an EPAA moderator.  


Before (10 min) and after (20 min) each session is the opportunity to virtually network on our virtual platform. Our January event, The Outlook For The Year 2022, will be held on this platform, and will allow you to meet with the Advisory Board and other EPAA members. 


The virtual platform has a visual top-down view, 2-D map comprising interactive roundtables. The platform uses video, audio, and chat functions to allow guests within the space to interact naturally in real-time, from anywhere in the world. You will be able to hop from table to table and meet new payments professionals or say hello to the ones you already know. 


There will be an opportunity to have those all-important one-to-one conversations on dedicated floors of the virtual space. You will also be able to see who is there and send them a private message. 


Hot Topic Briefings are available for sponsorship. 

These sessions are open to the industry. 

Capacity: 100+ attendees 


Past Events

Press "Read More" to check our past event recordings, articles and related materials. 



The Balance Between Regulatory Compliance and Risk

Hot Topic Briefing



Payments Meets Blockchain

Hot Topic Briefing



4th IFF - EPA Global Payments Forum




FUSE - David Birch Crytocurrency




Clubhouse Session - G20 Cross - Border Payments Target

Clubhouse Session



5th IIF – EPA Global Payments Forum




Hot Topic Briefing - Cybersecurity 

Hot Topic Briefing 



Digital Identity – An Operational Framework for the Asia Pacific Whitepaper Launch 


Other Events

                          11-12 December 2021 (Indonesia Fintech Summit)

Join our Director General, Camilla Bullock, who is speaking on the panel

“How Open Banking is Changing the Payment Landscape” which will be held on Sunday, 12 December 2021 from 10.45 – 11.45 WITA (Denpasar Bali time) in hybrid mode (online and offline in Nusa Dua Bali).

            Indonesia Fintech Summit

                       11- 12 December




Working Group Members are:

Dr Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador) 

Zennon Kapron (EPAA Ambassador) 

Antony Morris (EPAA Ambassador) 

John Byrne (Corlytics) 

Mike O’Keefe (Corlytics) 

Sean Peterson (AMEX) 

Simone Joyce (Paypa Plane) 

Steven Chan (PayPal) 

Amrita Nair (PayPal) 

Anurag Vasisth (ABP Australia) 

Sarah Wood (AMEX) 

Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay) 

Laura Hu (eBay) 

Mailu Mizumoto (eBay) 

Holly Dorber (PayPal) 

Dary Griggs (E6) 

David Brown (Finastra) 

Katie Mitchell (Nium) 

Tara Tubman (BPC)

John Ryan (Director General, EPAA)

For more information regarding EPAA Project Regulations 

To join the EPAA Project Regulations Working Group



  • The 5th IIF – EPA Global Payments Forum was held on 27 October, focusing on Digital Identity.  The discussion was on "How Digital Identity is assisting in the last mile of Cross-border payments". Briefing Note 

  • The 6th Global Payments Forum will be held on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 7 AM New York / 12 pm London / 1 pm Singapore / 8 pm SGT / 9 pm Tokyo / 11 pm Sydney. The meeting will focus on cloud in cross-border payments, and we will hear from Daniel Wu, Head of Public Policy for Financial Services, Asia-Pacific & Japan, at AWS and a number of lead discussants on this topic in a round table format. Please email to register. 

  • Transparency in Banking Payments Workshop is WIP. 

  • The APAC Fintech Payments Forum was held on 4 August. Nigel Lee moderated a robust opening session, followed by breakout rooms where a number of relevant topics were discussed. Summary report here. 

Working Group Members are:

Fannette Hsin (EPAA Ambassador/Project Director) 

Amrita V Nair (PayPal – Project Sponsor) 

Dr. Brad Pragnell (EPAA Ambassador) 

Melissa Keir (Marqeta) 

Kenneth Leung (SWIFT) 

Laura Hu (EBAY) 

Mishal Ruparel (Banking Circle) 

Steven Chan (PayPal) 

Tom Alaerts (Swift) 

Stephen Peters (FIS) 

Katie Mitchell (Nium) 

Todd Latham (CurrencyCloud) 

Mailu Mizumoto(EBAY) 

David Brown (Finastra) 

Tara Tubman (BPC) 

John Ryan (Director General, EPAA) 

For more information regarding EPAA Project Cross Border Payments 

To join the EPAA Project Cross Border Payments 


  •  The November event in the series was on Cybersecurity where Michelle Chance, Global Head of Cyber Security for PayPal presented. 

For more information regarding EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments 

To join the EPAA Project Meet Her - She Knows Payments



We are ready to launch the new Open Data project in 2022.  This project has an ambitious target to influence the Finance and Economic ministers of APEC, in Thailand, November 2022. 


The key to success on this project will be: 

  • Industry collaboration with global fintechs, via the APAC Fintech Payments Forum. 

  • Industry partnership with APEC, ABAC, and ASEAN Bankers Association. 

  • Industry workshop at ABAC #1, (the first in person workshop for ABAC & EPA in 2 years) 

  • Hot Topic Briefing  

  • Monthly Working Group to discuss and plan 

  • APEC workshop in Thailand in Q4 2022. 


The EPA Director General Policy will be joined by Nilixa Devlukia, ex UK regulator, and open data & digital currency expert. 


The time commitment required will be monthly meetings during 2022, which may be dialled up as required. 


The benefits of this a project: 

  • Helping to move forward a better environment and solution for open data in APAC. 

  • Getting access to regional regulators. 

  • Collaboration with industry peers and fintech firms. 

  • Part-taking in the industry events and building profile 


 To join the EPAA Project Open Data 

To learn what is involved when sponsoring this project please email






Working Group Members are:   

Rajiv Madane (Project Director, Covr Security) 

Victoria Richardson (Project Mentor, AusPayNet) 

Richard Lomas (Citi) 

CK Leo (FICO) 


Ian Sorbello  (Transmit Security)  

Desmond Lim Ching Hau (Ebay) 

Mailu Mizumoto (EBay) 

Sherman Lin (Ekata) 

Jocelyn Poh (Ekata) 

John Ryan (Director General, EPAA) 

For more information regarding EPAA Project Digital Identity 

To join the EPAA Project Project Digital Identity 


Members News

Webinar wrap-up: The risks of de-risking with Banking Circle & The Paypers


eftpos, Queensland Government, Meeco and Powertech partner to demonstrate the potential of ID credentials


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Queen Bee Capital (QBC) and Nium join forces to enhance cross-border payments from Japan


Krungsri Partners With Nium To Expand International Transfer Offerings


Nium And Utu Join Forces To Unlock Cash And Other Rewards For Globetrotting Shoppers


Nium Launches First Global Platform For Crypto-As-A-Service And Extends Its Banking-As-A-Service Solution To The U.S.


GC Partners Works with Nium to Strengthen its Payment Services Offering in Major Asian Markets


Roxe Partners with Nium to Power Seamless Real-Time Cross-Border Remittances and Payout Services in Key Global Markets



What's On The Horizon...

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Blockchain and Payments:
Cross Border Payments:
Digital Currency:
Digital Identity:
Open Data:
Real Time Payments:
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